What does the Riverside County Office of Education do?
The Riverside County Office of Education (RCOE) is a service agency supporting the county’s 23 school districts and linking them with the California Department of Education.  RCOE services include:

  • administrative support to districts;
  • programs for 35,000 preschool, special education, pregnant minor, correctional, migrant and vocational students;
  • professional training, support and resources for teachers, administrators and staff.

Where can I find child care?
The Child Care Resource and Referral Program assists parents in Riverside County to find quality child care near their home, work, or child’s school.  Try the new Online Child Care Referral System.

How can I get on the subsidized child care list?
Information on subsidized child care can be found on the Child Care Resource and Referral Program page.

Do all employment applications have to be submitted online?
Yes. All applications for employment at RCOE must be submitted through EDJOIN. Please see the Employment Opportunities for more information.

May I submit a resume instead of an application?
No.  All positions require the completion of an online application.

What if I can’t get all my reference letters online prior to the application deadline date?
Unfortunately, all additional documents must be submitted prior to the application deadline date for consideration.

Does my application stay on file for additional recruitments?
No, all recruitments require individual application submissions.

How can I apply to be a substitute?
To be considered for a position as a classified or certificated substitute you will need to apply online from RCOE’s Employment Opportunities page for a specific posting.

Do I have to take the proficiency test for applicable positions if I have a degree or have taken a similar test in another district?
Yes, all interested applicants are required to take the proficiency test applicable to the position. Therefore, all applicants are required to pass the revised exams for employment consideration.

How do I renew my California teaching credential? 
Online credential renewal information can be found on the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) Web site.

How do I file for an appeal for expulsion? 
The Safe Schools Unit handles expulsion appeals at RCOE.  Please see the Expulsion Appeals page for details regarding appeals and contact information for obtaining an Expulsion Appeal packet.

I would like to add my company to the RCOE bidders list – may I do that online?
Yes!  Just complete the Vendor form and our Purchasing department will add you to their list of vendors.

Where can I find information on interdistrict transfers?
The Safe Schools Unit handles interdistrict transfers.  Please see the Interdistrict Attendance Appeals page for details regarding attendance appeals and contact information for obtaining an Interdistrict Attendance Appeals packet.

Is there a place where I can find demographics and statistics?
Please see our statistics page.  The page provides links to our most recent Annual Report to the Community which contains RCOE statistics, and to government agencies that provide additional statistics.

How can I get my diploma information or transcripts?
Diploma information and transcripts are maintained by the individual districts.  Please contact districts directly as each district has a specific procedure for obtaining this information.

How can I obtain my G.E.D.?
If you would like to obtain a G.E.D., please contact your school district’s adult education department.

How can I obtain a copy of my G.E.D.?
As of January 18, 2005, the Educational Testing Service (ETS)-GED Records Center handles all requests for duplicate GED records in California.  Questions can be directed to ETS at (866) 370-4740 or ETS-GED Records Center, P.O. Box 4005, Concord, CA 94524-4005 or at GEDoffice@cde.ca.gov.

What can I do if I have a complaint about a school or a district? 
Each local district has jurisdiction in such cases, and the complaint must be handled through the district.