Career Technical Education (CTE) Introduction

The Career Technical Education Unit provides, promotes, and coordinates Career Technical Education (CTE) throughout Riverside County in support of RCOE’s Pledge to ensure all students are prepared for college and the workforce.

  • The CTE Unit, in coordination with Riverside County School Districts, provides CTE classes in 50 career areas and more than 2,000 places of employment. It is piloting and designing both new CTE curricula and programs: some serve special populations, such as alternative education and special education students, and some offer a new approach for all students, such as the pilot program that will teach math within a CTE context, offering both elective CTE credit and math credit. In addition, the CTE Unit provides direct programs to incarcerated adults throughout the county.
  • The CTE Unit promotes CTE through staff development for both academic and CTE teachers; through partnership grants and programs with districts, institutions of higher education, and business and industry; through its consulting services for districts who are planning and implementing the changes called for by the CTE Framework and state and federal mandates.
  • The CTE Unit coordinates CTE through its county-wide meetings for all CTE stakeholders, including district administrators, community college administrators, Workforce Development leaders, and other CTE leaders. These partners work together to increase grant funding, to meet legislated CTE requirements, and to create a system of CTE throughout the county.  In addition, the CTE unit works directly with school districts and the community colleges to create and implement a plan for sequences of coursework and pathways to careers for students.
  • The CTE Unit provides classes for adults through the School of Career Education (SCE). The SCE grew from RCOE’s 40 years of experience successfully offering Career Technical Education. Currently, SCE provides training in 21 subject areas at 14 locations across Riverside County. SCE’s technical certificate programs provide instruction in both theory and practical applications using methods appropriate to the subject area. Each technical certificate program provides instruction in all aspects of its industry. In addition, students are provided a foundation of technical, academic, and communication skills upon which they can continue to grow, learn, and advance.