Fraud Hotline

RCOE has hired an independent firm to host a fraud reporting system for our organization. This firm specializes in fraud examination, forensic auditing, and asset misappropriation. Fraud can be defined as “the crime of obtaining money or some other benefit by deliberate deception”. There are two methods available to report suspected fraud: the internet or telephone.

Reporting via the Internet

The web address to report suspected fraud by internet is This web site is easy to use and provides step by step guidance. You can also upload or attach documents, pictures, or other evidence pertinent to your report.

Reporting via Telephone

The hotline number is (877) 455-8631. When this number is called you will be directly connected to a private voice mail where you will be asked to provide as much information as possible. An external examiner who is not employed by RCOE monitors this number. To ensure your report is recorded properly, make sure you do the following:

1. Speak slowly and be as specific as possible. There is six minutes of recording time available to you. State your name clearly and make sure your call back number is provided. The examiner may want to call you to discuss the matter further or ask for additional information.

2. In the event that your message is not completed before the time allotted or your call is inadvertently cutoff, please call back and continue with your message.

The web site and telephone call is confidential. At no time will any information that personally identifies you be released to anyone without your authorized approval. Feel confident that you may use either method depending on your comfort level.

Once you have reported the suspected fraud, either by web site or telephone, the external examiner will evaluate the information, contact RCOE’s internal auditor, and a course of action will be determined.

Please know that we are dedicated to the highest levels of ethics and integrity. Therefore, we encourage you to report any suspected fraud.

Thank you.