Record Number of Students Receive Riverside County Seal of Multiliteracy

Group photo of students wearing medals

Seal of Multiliteracy students from Canyon Springs High School in Moreno Valley USD.

RIVERSIDE – Nearly 150 high school students in Riverside County seeking to showcase their status as citizens of the world were honored for their linguistic aptitude in English as well as Arabic, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Tagalog/Filipino. Students from nine districts were honored for their multilingual proficiency at the Riverside County Seal of Multiliteracy Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, November 30, 2016, at the Riverside Convention Center.

2016 Seal of Multiliteracy Photo Gallery

Now in its fourth year, the Riverside County Seal of Multiliteracy is an award given by the Riverside County Office of Education in partnership with districts in recognition of high levels of attained proficiency in English and at least one other world language by high school graduation.

The Seal of Multiliteracy is intended to emphasize the value of knowing multiple languages, contribute to global understanding, encourage the learning of all languages, and connect with community efforts to teach languages and culture in schools and communities.

Students stand to benefit from the Seal of Multiliteracy by the presence of the seal on the transcripts of graduating seniors that verifies a high level of proficiency in a second language. Additionally, the seal attests to a highly marketable skill that is sought-after by many employers.

Riverside County Seal of Multiliteracy by the Numbers

  • 21 – Number of students who earned the Seal of Multiliteracy in its first year (2013)
  • 138 – Number of students set to receive the Seal of Multiliteracy in 2016
  • 2 – Number of students who will be awarded twice for mastery of multiple languages (Moises Santana, French and Spanish, Canyon Springs High School, Moreno Valley USD, and Joshua Basa, Tagalog/Filipino and Spanish, Chaparral High School, Temecula Valley USD)
  • 7 – Number of languages in which students will be recognized for proficiency:
    (Arabic, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Tagalog/Filipino)
  • 15 – Number of Riverside County high schools with students who will receive the Seal of Multiliteracy (one private school)
  • 9 – Number of districts in Riverside County with students who will receive the Seal of Multiliteracy (Beaumont USD, Coachella Valley USD, Hemet USD, Jurupa USD, Lake Elsinore USD, Moreno Valley USD, San Jacinto USD, Temecula Valley USD, and Val Verde USD)
  • 75 – Number of students from Moreno Valley USD who will receive the Seal of Multiliteracy (most students of any district in Riverside County)
  • 132 – Number of students whose world language of proficiency is Spanish

The thorough award process includes an application, writing samples, and an interview. Each applicant must receive a passing score in each application category in English and his/her additional identified world language. All juniors and seniors in public and private high schools in Riverside County are eligible to apply. Among the multiple eligibility requirements, a student must be on track to complete all English/Language Arts (ELA) requirements for graduation and maintain an overall grade-point average of 2.0 or above in ELA classes required for graduation.

Seal of Multiliteracy honorees

Academy of Applied Learning

Gray, Maya Lee – Spanish

Beaumont High School

Baron, Alina – Russian
Garcia, Andrea – Spanish
Haro, Natalie – Spanish
Hayes, Bryce – Spanish
Hernandez, Amanda – Spanish
Medina Ortiz, Gabriela – Spanish
Morga Rodriguez, Misael – Spanish
Padilla, Andrea – Spanish
Romero, Stephanie – Spanish
Salán, Alexandra – Spanish
Sutton, Arlene – Spanish
Tortoledo, Leslie – Spanish

Canyon Springs High School, Moreno Valley USD

Acosta, Eva – Spanish
Cooke, Alexander – German
Cooke, Patrick – German
Cruz, Jimmy – Spanish
De La Cruz, Alicia – Spanish
Dos Santos, André – Portuguese
Flores, Ashley – Spanish
Gama, Joaquin – Spanish
Lopez, Fernando – Spanish
Manzo, Lucia – Spanish
Martinez, Joanna – Spanish
Perez, Katerine – Spanish
Rabea, Tamer – Arabic
Sanchez, Ricardo – Spanish
Santana, Moises – Spanish
Santana, Moises – French
Sapki, Mareon – Filipino/Tagalog
Solano-Espinoza, Maria Teresa – Spanish
Vazquez Veles, Vanessa – Spanish
Zapata, Kimberly – Spanish

Chaparral High School, Temecula Valley USD

Basa, Joshua – Filipino/Tagalog
Basa, Joshua – Spanish
Briseño, Sophia Estrella – Spanish
Deaconn, Andra – Spanish
De La Paz, Dalia – Spanish
Lobato Castillo, Edwin – Spanish
Vargas, Sergio Bryan – Spanish
Zapata, Alex – Spanish

Desert Mirage High School, Coachella Valley USD

Nuñez, Melanie – Spanish
Orozco Lemus, Sergio – Spanish

Elsinore High School, Lake Elsinore USD

Arellano, Joaquin – Spanish

Hemet High School, Hemet USD

Martinez Serna, Louis – Spanish
Naylor, Cinthia – Spanish
Torres, Gabriella – Spanish

Jurupa Valley High School, Jurupa USD

Aparicio, Johanna – Spanish
Carrillo, Ashley – Spanish
Chavez, Guadalupe – Spanish
Escalante, Milayne – Spanish
Perez, Gabriela – Spanish

Lakeside High School, Lake Elsinore USD

Memije, Milenia – Spanish

Moreno Valley High School, Moreno Valley USD

Alba, Diane – Spanish
Alfaro, Lizbeth – Spanish
Avila, Jessica – Spanish
Casas-Gamboa, Mireya – Spanish
Castañeda-Felix, Raul – Spanish
Cruz, Andrea – Spanish
Gamino, Adriana – Spanish
Gomez, Carlos Ivan – Spanish
Guzmán, Julia – Spanish
Hernandez Mendivil, Judith – Spanish
Jimenez, Luis – Spanish
Martinez, Eduardo – Spanish
Mercado, Crystal – Spanish
Morones, Maria – Spanish
Murillo, Leslie – Spanish
Ramirez, Daisy – Spanish
Rosales, Evelyn – Spanish
Salas, Mayra – Spanish
Salazar, Salvador – Spanish
Vera, Kalvin – Spanish

Rancho Verde High School, Val Verde USD

Castellanos, Melania – Spanish
Correa, Joel Angel – Spanish
Flores, Karla – Spanish
Garcia, Brittany Natalie – Spanish
Guerrero, Jasmine – Spanish
López, Andrés – Spanish
Maya, Karyme – Spanish
Romero, Alejandro – Spanish
Villagrana, Sofia – Spanish

San Jacinto High School, San Jacinto USD

Felix, Kimberly Rubi Quintero – Spanish
Lopez Alvarez, Kimberly – Spanish
Rosales, Arcelia – Spanish
Vaca, Pablo – Spanish
Villegas, Carolina – Spanish

Tahquitz High School, Hemet USD

Alcaraz, Krystal – Spanish
Barrientos, Ariadna – Spanish
Cabello, Hindra – Spanish
Chavez, Ana Esmeralda – Spanish
Fragosa Arreola, Cristobal – Spanish
Gonzalez, Guadalupe – Spanish
Gutierrez, Fernanda – Spanish
Juarez, Lizbeth – Spanish
Lopez, Christian – Spanish
Martinez, Ashley – Spanish
Piña, Itzel – Spanish
Reyes, Camila – Spanish
Rodriguez, Andres – Spanish
Roldan, Josue – Spanish
Sanchez, Madeline – Spanish
Sanchez, Steve – Spanish
Soto, Maria – Spanish
Velasco, Wilfredo – Spanish

Valley View High School, Moreno Valley USD

Arreola, Alma – Spanish
Beltran, Aylin – Spanish
Delgado, Erica – Spanish
Guerrero, Abigail – Spanish
Meza, Valeria – Spanish
Muñoz Islas, Ingrid Yael – Spanish
Ordoñez, Frania – Spanish
Solorzano, Alejandra – Spanish
Villela, Carisa – Spanish
Zayas, Anthony – Spanish

Vista Del Lago High School, Moreno Valley USD

Acosta, Daisy – Spanish
Alvarez, Naomi – Spanish
Arreola, Victoria – Spanish
Arteaga, Veronica – Spanish
Baz, Daniel – Spanish
Cervantes, Katherine – Spanish
Garcia, Roxana – Spanish
Juarez, Andrea – Spanish
Lopez, Andrea – Spanish
López-Torres, Erika – Spanish
Lorenzo, Idalia – Spanish
Martinez, Lucia – Spanish
Martinez, Olivia – Spanish
Narsiso, Jennifer – Spanish
Ocampo, Kimberly – Spanish
Ramirez, Elizabeth – Spanish
Ramos, Salvador – Spanish
Reyes, Andrea – Spanish
Rojo, Diana – Spanish
Ruiz, Nayely – Spanish
Sanchez-Monke, Mariela – Spanish
Santiago, Alexandra – Spanish
Valdez, Vidal – Spanish
Valencia, Diana – Spanish
Vargas, Marisol – Spanish