In The News - March 27th

The following collection of education related articles gleaned from local and national newspapers is provided to educators as a service of the Riverside County Office of Education.

NATIONAL: Trump’s Education Cuts Would Squeeze Charter, Private Schools

Private and charter schools were considered the big winners in President Donald Trump's budget blueprint, which sought new money to expand student options, while slashing other K-12 spending. The problem for some schools of choice? Private and charter schools would… Read full article at Education Week

NATIONAL: How Are Teachers Using EngageNY’s Reading and Math…

EngageNY, the online library of open reading and math materials developed by New York state, has proven popular—surprisingly so. A nationally representative survey of teachers, conducted by RAND in 2015, found that 30 percent of math teachers and more than… Read full article at Education Week

NATIONAL: ‘Open Schools’ Made Noise In The ’70s; Now…

It's a perennial debate in American education: Do kids learn best when they're sitting in rows at their desks? Or moving around, exploring on their own? Back in the 1960s and '70s, that debate led to a brand new school… Read full article at NPR