Our Goals

The public has a high degree of interest in the percentage of our students that graduate from high school.  They consistently want to know how our students are scoring on the assessments for college, like SAT and ACT, and A-G course completion rates.  And they want to know if our students are getting the trade skills and technical education they need to prepare for the modern workforce.  They are most interested in educational outcomes that have relevance to the world our students will enter when they leave school. In short, to our stakeholders, high school graduation, college preparedness and workforce or career readiness are their top concerns.

The Riverside County Office of Education has established three annual outcome goals for our county’s education system:

Goal #1

Goals for Riverside County Graduation Rates

The percentage of students in Riverside County graduating from high school will increase by 2% annually.

Baseline Rate – 2011: 77%

  • 2013 Goal: 81%
  • 2014 Goal: 83%

High school graduation rates are based on the results from the previous year. For example, the 2011 baseline reflects the 2010 graduating class.

Goals for Riverside County A-G Completion

Goal #2

The percentage of students completing the A–G* course requirements for college will increase by 8% annually.

Baseline Rate 2011: 28%

  • 2013 Goal: 44%
  • 2014 Goal: 52%

A-G refers to the high school courses required to be admitted to a University of California (UC) or California State University (CSU).  (A-G Requirements)
Goals for CTE Sequence Enrollment

Goal #3

The percent of students taking a CTE course sequence will increase annually by 2%.

Baseline Rate 2011: 34%

  • 2013 Goal: 38%
  • 2014 Goal: 40%

CTE Sequence refers to a multi-year sequence of courses that integrates core academic knowledge with technical and occupational knowledge.