Riverside County Superintendent of Schools

From preschool to university, Riverside County has an excellent public education system. The elected Riverside County Superintendent of Schools serves as both the chief executive officer of the Riverside County Office of Education (RCOE) and the Superintendent of Schools for the county’s preschool through 12th grade segment of that system—the 4th largest in the state.

The County Superintendent leads the team of extraordinary employees at the RCOE in working with each of the county’s 430,000 students, almost 18,000 classrooms, over 450 schools and 23 school districts to help ensure all students receive a high quality education, graduating from high school well prepared for the workplace and for college.

The County Superintendent and staff work to ensure each school district remains in solid financial condition. They advocate at the local, state and national levels for good public education policy on behalf of the students, families, schools and school districts in the county. And they move forward sound, timely and effective education initiatives at the county level to help ensure all students are well prepared for the future.