Student Events

Riverside County Office of Education organizes a number of countywide and regional events for students in grades 4-12 in all types of learning environments. These events give individual students and school teams the chance to participate in competitions and activities with other schools and students.  The academic events are designed to support, encourage, recognize, and promote student learning.

Many times, students in our events are participating in school activities for the first time whereas others have competed in multiple events over multiple years.

Each of our academic events support teachers through program models supporting California state teaching standards and recognize outstanding student and/or team performances in subjects ranging from Art and Performance to Math and Science.

This site is under constant development and is designed to help our students, teachers, and district coordinators prepare for this year’s county Student Events.

Should you have questions about any of our events, feel free to contact:
Ana Farfan, Executive Director
(951) 826-6675

For registration information, please contact:
Tracey Case, Administrator
(951) 826-6570