Barbara Moore

Milo P. Johnson Award of Distinction


Barbara Moore plays a pivotal role in helping students succeed every single day. Her mastery over the ever-changing aspects of the Braille language unlocks the doors of learning for students who are blind or live with other visual impairment. Tests, textbooks, and even homework assignments are transcribed for students across the county, and her expertise has provided Braille materials for New Employee Orientation and Personnel Services. She introduced the office staff to a system called “Bmail” that allows for email Braille to be opened, downloaded, and embossed without being corrupted. This innovation allows for a greatly-reduced turn-around time for teachers and students needing her transcribed materials. Her dedication is most recognized when she greets urgent assignments with a smile—fully aware of the instant impact her work will have on the ability of students to learn.

Barbara's Message

“I was so thrilled and surprised to receive this award. It is so gratifying to know that my hard work and efforts have been noticed and appreciated. This could not have been possible without the encouragement from my many former mentors and support from my current co-workers in the Vision Department. Thank you for such an important recognition. Happy Brailling.”