Diana Ceja

Certificated Administrator of the Year


It takes a diverse range of talents to lead a fourth-year math program, expand the Seal of Multiliteracy program, and support English learners across the entire county. The multi-talented Diana Ceja is a challenger of the status quo when it comes to supporting students in her efforts to eliminate the achievement gap among special populations. Her collaborative nature is regularly on display, whether she is working with local universities, state education officials, and staff from other county offices, district administrators, teachers, or students. During the holidays, she steps up for students in need by coordinating departmental participation and donations. Her colleagues describe her as an example of commitment and passion whose energy and dedication is contagious.

Diana's Message

“Thank You! I am delighted to be able to say thank you to the three ladies that collaborate with me so intensely as we work together with the larger math community to change the view of mathematics as a gate-keeper to a gateway for children. Thank you, to the Instructional Services Unit, the managers, and the classified staff, whose commitment to children and quality of work is an inspiration. I am grateful to have been able to join the RCOE team and for the opportunities it has afforded. I am beholden to my family who is celebrating this recognition with me and who always support and guide me. I find myself appreciating God’s blessing. Thank you for this lovely honor. “