Gillian Schneider

Teacher of the Year


Gillian earned her bachelor’s degree in education from University College Chichester in England, and taught in the United Kingdom before coming to RCOE in 2005. Since that time, she has served as a substitute teacher, a beginning teacher coach, and a lead teacher for students with intellectual disabilities. She has nearly completed her educational doctorate in organizational leadership from Brandman University. Her humility and grace under pressure have led to building bridges with families, communities, cultures, and within the educational system itself. Gillian’s most enthusiastic fans are the parents of her students who witness the impact of her relentless pursuit to see beyond her students’ disabilities. Colleagues describe her as someone who “believes in the academic and developmental potential of her students” and “willingly throws herself wholeheartedly into any project.”

Gillian's Message

“Almost twenty years ago I said, “I do” to an incredible and amazing human being; my soulmate, my best friend and husband, Tim. Your enduring love, encouragement, wisdom, humor and belief in me, has enabled me to be the proud wife, mother, and educator I am today. I am lucky to be able to journey through this life with you. I love you. To Benjamin, Heather, and Isaac, thank you for making me see life through different lenses and for your endless cheerleading! Special appreciation goes to the special education administrators for nurturing my potential as a transformational leader, and to my colleagues, especially Melanie, for giving me opportunities to refine my craft. I am truly appreciative to my instructional assistants, students, and families, who I have had the honor to work with and learn from. I am truly humbled to be recognized as Teacher of the Year. Thank you!”