Janice Delagrammatikas

Milo P. Johnson Award of Distinction


As the principal of multiple sites across the county, Janice has embraced the power of technology in order to empower her staff to provide a top-notch education to students returning to school to earn their diploma in the Come Back Kids program. She has been known to start or end meetings with new ideas for teachers to incorporate into their classroom offerings—showcasing her desire to model lifelong learning. Her approach to students and staff is to be a strong listener who welcomes all ideas to solving challenges, while being unafraid to exhibit teamwork by taking on tasks herself if the situation calls for it. A colleague described her impact by stating how “we are stronger, wiser, and better because of her leadership, because she creates more leaders, not more followers.”

Janice's Message

“I am so honored to receive the 2017 Milo P. Johnson Award. Leading the Come Back Kids (CBK) Charter School is the most rewarding work I can think of, and am truly grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our students. I want to thank all of RCOE for their dedication and service to students, but particularly the Alternative Education Unit. I want to especially thank our CBK team starting with the other CBK Principal, Theresa Swickla. CBK changes lives every day and I am proud of the work we do. I also want to thank the many people who have mentored me and helped me develop as an educator—especially Dr. Debra Sacks and Dr. Diana Walsh-Reuss. Because of them, I took risks and grew in ways I did not expect. Lastly, I want to thank my family; you know you are my joy.”