Sharon LaValley-Swope

Classified Administrator of the Year


For more than 15 years, Sharon LaValley-Swope has exhibited professionalism and leadership in working with all aspects of the teacher credentialing process—a subject upon which she has become an expert as recognized by educators around the state. When the need to replace a data system and online learning management system was critical, she stepped forward to lead the development of a program that is still in use today. Her collaborative approach included working with outside vendors and numerous RCOE units to deliver a 21st century system that is helping drive the continued growth of the Center for Teacher Innovation. Her colleagues describe her as “the finest model of integrity and expertise.” She has fully embraced her new assignment of retirement and enjoys spending time with her husband and grandchildren in the San Bernardino mountains.

Sharon LaValley's Message

“Fifteen years ago, five unfamiliar faces greeted me as I entered a crowded room for a job interview at RCOE. After answering a barrage of questions, I left that room with a smile on my face and pep in my step because I knew this would be the start of a new phase in my career. Those five people, and many more that followed, became my friends, colleagues, and mentors. I owe them all a huge debt of gratitude for inviting me to join them in creating RCOE’s new teacher induction program for BTSA (Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment), which is now part of the Center for Teacher Innovation. I am forever indebted to my respected mentor, Linda Childress; supportive teammates, Latasha Porter and Grace Aviles; tech savvy Linda Sanada from UCR; and colleague Kevin Tibbetts for his daily humor. You are all very special in so many ways!”