2017 Riverside County State of Education Address Content


Opening Remarks
It is truly an honor to stand here before you as your County Superintendent of Schools and I’m touched by the support of your attendance. Read more »

District and School Highlights
Many great things are already happening in our schools, and I’d like to highlight some of those outstanding accomplishments over the last year. Read more »

Recognizing great schools is just as important as identifying which schools need additional focus in order to provide an excellent educational experience to all students. Read more »

Graduation Rates
As we evaluate how our schools are doing across the County, one figure we continue to focus on is the graduation rate. Read more »

English Learners
Providing the appropriate level of support—whether that is financial or academic—looks different for every student. Read more »

Arts & Music
As you’ve already heard today, we work in a world of accountability, data, measurement tools, standards, and rubrics. One element that can get missed in our focus on academics is the importance of the arts on the student experience. Read more »

Career Readiness
Another element of focus in our County that connects the student experience of today with their future dreams is career and technical education. Read more »

Early Childhood
When we talk about student potential in vocational training, STEM, or even the arts, there’s one constant that affects everybody’s potential to succeed. Starting the lifelong process of learning as early as possible. Read more »

School Attendance
Showing up to school early is only the first part of the equation. Ensuring regular school attendance at an early age is essential. Read more »

Over the last few years, the staff at the Riverside County Office of Education has led an increased focus on a topic that has become a buzzword in education. Read more »

Extended Learning
For some students, additional learning time is essential to avoid falling behind, and we have great afterschool programs like Think Together and ASES to keep them on track. Read more »

Exceptional Educators
No data-driven or innovative program will get off the ground without exceptional people who are motivated to bring the best of themselves to the classroom, campus, and office, every single day for students. Read more »

Teacher Recruitment
Although we are all thrilled to hear that California’s drought is officially over, it has been replaced with a severe teacher shortage caused by a dry and severely undersized pipeline of future educators choosing the profession of teaching as a career in California. Read more »

Teacher Villages
One of my goals as your County superintendent of schools is not just to simply recruit more teachers, but to attract those high quality teachers to our region to serve ALL students. Read more »

Unity and Adopt-A-School
As we reach the end of our time together today, I want to leave you with one last challenge. As we daily strive to live out our purpose of educating your students in your communities, we can use a hand from time to time. Read more »

Closing Remarks
When we started today, we began by talking about how YOUR schools and YOUR community were central to OUR purpose. Read more »