2019 Riverside County State of Education Address Content


Opening Remarks

It is my honor to share with you today many of the accomplishments, challenges, and next steps for education in Riverside County.

Understanding What’s Happening in Education Today

We are here today because we believe in the power of public education and are unified by our collective talents, resources, and passion with the purpose of achieving success for all students.

Never Give Up

In Riverside County, it is part of our pledge to never give up on preparing students for college and the workforce.

Intentional Innovation

The power of the arts on students is having an unmistakable impact on the development of students both inside and outside of the classroom.

Innovative Solutions

Developing innovative solutions to vexing problems will take creativity, collaboration, and a compass to navigate change.


With input from students, parents, staff, and community members, the LCAP is the road map to increase student performance in an open and transparent way.


All of these initiatives are in service of our youth.

Intentional Action. Deliberate Service.

In light of our theme, Intentional Action and Deliberate Service, I encourage you to pause right now, and write down the name of one student at your school.