About RCOE

The Riverside County Office of Education (RCOE) provides specific educational, financial, legislative, and leadership services and support to all K-12 school districts in Riverside County. As an organization, it is comprised of the elected Riverside County Superintendent of Schools and the array of individuals employed by the County Superintendent to help fulfill their statutory duties and responsibilities. A seven member elected County Board of Education is affiliated with the RCOE.

The primary work of the RCOE is divided into the following three areas:

(1) Providing overarching educational goals, support and services leading to high school graduation, college readiness, and career preparedness of all county students enrolled in public education.

(2) Providing financial oversight and support of the school districts in the county to ensure fiscal solvency and compliance with statutes.

(3) Providing credential oversight and support to ensure all teachers in the county are properly authorized for the subject area(s) they are assigned to teach.

Originally, founded in 1893 as the Office of the Riverside County Superintendent of Schools, we are honored to share that the RCOE has developed a state-wide reputation for first-class services in support of high quality education for all county students.  We want every student to have the skills and knowledge they need to have the best opportunity to experience a high quality of life in their future.

The RCOE’s main offices are located in downtown Riverside, California with regional offices in the cities of Indio and Murrieta and a legislative field office located in Sacramento.  RCOE operates classroom based direct instruction for students in a variety of unique educational programs at over 100 different locations across the county.

We hope the information contained on our website will be of assistance to you, and we trust that it reflects our focus on the success of all students. We are dedicated to serving the public in extraordinary ways – that is the goal of every employee at RCOE.