Disaster Service Workers

All RCOE employees are declared as Disaster Service Workers (DSWs), per California Government Code, Section 3100-3109, and may be assigned to perform various disaster service activities during times of emergency and disaster.

During large-scale emergencies and disasters, the County Emergency Operations Center will typically determine the need for DSWs, and may task public agencies with sourcing them, if required. Examples of DSW roles/activities include, but are not limited to working in a shelter, serving as an interpreter, office assistance, delivering or dispensing supplies/food, assisting with damage surveys/assessments, filling sandbags, and clearing debris.

DSW Training

RCOE employees can go to the Keenan SafeSchools website for training. Log in to the RCOE Safe School Training Login with your six digit employee number. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Risk Management, (951) 826-6824. Once you have logged on to the site, select the Emergency Management box and select the course titled Incident Command System to begin the training.

Recommended and optional FEMA Certificated Training:

Note: the two above optional courses are part of the online FEMA Independent Study Program, approximately three hours each in length, with an online exam and certificate upon completion.

DSW Reference Material

Emergency Preparedness Information Sources

There are numerous sources for emergency preparedness information and action steps. Two of the most exhaustive and authoritative sources are listed below and provide valuable and important emergency preparedness information.

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