Parent Emergency Information

The following parent emergency information describes our school system’s safety and support responses. If parents have particular concerns, they should contact the school principal.

The Riverside County Office of Education is proactive in the area of emergency preparedness. Each school and building, as well as the system as a whole, has an emergency plan that deals with different situations and emergency management. Our plans have been developed with the input of numerous local emergency groups including the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, Local Law Enforcement, County Public Health and the County’s Office of Emergency Services. All plans are designed to protect students and staff while they are at school or work. We also work with the local Red Cross to provide resources, such as buildings when sheltering is needed.

Plans are regularly updated and reviewed. The plans include procedures to respond to the different codes issued by the federal government, such as codes yellow, orange and red, as well as fire, tornado and other potential emergencies. School system personnel and students practice emergency drills regularly.

What we do in an emergency depends on the situation and the specifics of the incident. In the event of an emergency, RCOE receives direct input from public safety officials. Depending on the threat, we might evacuate schools, lock down or initiate a shelter-in-place. The main objective is protection of students and staff members. School system personnel are trained in emergency response, and several key staff members have received additional security threat training.

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