Art Connects – 3-5 Poetry

1st Place


By Elizabeth

Somewhere, out there
There was a world as normal as any other.
And in that world, there was a place
A place like any other.
But one day, everything changed.

The world was in a panic
Everyone hurried around.
They started stocking up
And the whole world turned around.

Even though humans were panicked
It was a different story in the Animal Kingdom.
Birds sang happily
Grasshoppers gleefully hopped
Fawns cautiously came into the open.

For because of the change
There was no pollution in the world.
And they could all live as freely as they wanted.

2nd Place


By Mackenzie L.
Change mocks us.
Just as we adjust to the cool breeze brushing against our faces,
Change stomps on our day.
Our warm summer picnic transforms into a blisteringly hot day
Like walking through a desert that never ends.
When we go outside,
Rain’s gentle fingers pitter on our skin.
Change turns it into a hailstorm of forceful shoves.
When reading peacefully,
Change, in the form of pets or younger siblings,
Stampedes into the silence, turning it into a chaotic playground.
Though change can be negative,
It makes the world unique.
Change reminds us that
No day is the same.

3rd Place

The Four Seasons

By Anneliese H.

Bears sleeping in caves
Snow and hail swirling around
Bare branches on trees
Flowers are blooming
The sound of a cracking shell
Then a quiet chirp
The blow of A.C.
Kids laughing as they hit water
Towers of damp sand
Wind blowing by scarves
Leaves on the branches change color
Coats pulled over shirts

Honorable Mention

Out with the Old, In with the New

by Ankitha G.

“Out with the Old” said Little Miss Apple
“The loss of ripe fruit we must grapple”
It’s Wintertime!
Stormy and cold,
Safe in my household!

“In with the New” said Little Miss Strawberry”
“The gain of flowers is contrary”
It’s Springtime!
Rain and shine,
Planted roots intertwine.

“Here Comes Gold” said Little Miss Tangerine
“Everywhere we go, nature is Green!”
It’s Summertime!
Warm and sunny,
Bees making honey.

“A Beautiful View” said Little Miss Pumpkin
“It’s time to celebrate our Harvest” she said with a grin
It’s Harvesttime!
Chilly and Windy
Old leaves fall, to make way for the New

by Arturo O.

This COVID-19,
Has left us in quarantine
This sudden life change,
Has left us feeling strange
Put your mind at ease
Let it flow in the breeze
If you feel boredom in confinement,
Find an assignment
Write your friends a letter,
If it makes you feel better
When you adapt,
It doesn’t mean you are trapped
You may struggle through it all,
But you will never fall.

The Seasons

By Carlos M.

For a new year for all the four seasons,
I shall give the reader four helpful reasons.

Winter is neat, exquisite and bold,
for making snowman in the shivering cold.

Spring is when the flowers shall rise,
the small, the big, and the medium size.

Summer brings all of the hottest weeks,
for people in pools and to climb mountain peaks.

Autumn is when the leaves start to fall
the red and the orange, the big and the small.

Well that’s it, all seasons explained,
the season won’t be different, they all stay the same.

Florence W.

Coronavirus has changed the world forever.
Having it happen has made many people care.
Astronger bond has formed in families and friends.
Now people help more often.
Going to crowded places is not happening but I can do lots at home!
Elderly people, like my grandparents, are who I want to protect!

A Pause in Reality

By Marissa

I can’t believe my situation
But I have to give some consideration.

I really want my education
But I know people are in isolation

Lots of people are in hospitalization
And now the hospital has lots of disorganization.

I’ve been at home in complication
Sitting here doing multiplication.

I hope everyone will get medication
So we can go back to our usual civilization.