Art Connects – TK-2 Poetry

1st Place

The Changing Faces of Feelings

by Camryn Y.

When we get mad or upset,
our face turns red in anger.

When we get sad or hurt,
we have tears falling down our face.

When we are joyful and happy,
our smiles are full of cheer.

When we are confused or scared,
our face will have one eyebrow up and one going down.

When we get nervous butterflies in our tummies,
our face turns white as a polar bear.

Our faces reflect our changes inside.

2nd Place


By Ethan L.

No School
No Park
No Birthday Party

I miss my friends
Change has been hard
But we need to be stay safe
So we stay at home.

And wait
And wait
To go outside again.

3rd Place

Change Haiku

by Charles S.

I miss the playground
And all of my friends at school
I want to go back

Honorable Mention

Like the Seasons Change, I Change

By Bethany O.

When the winter ends, spring begins.
When spring ends, summer begins.
Nothing really ends, it just begins again somewhere else.
I like when the seasons change, do you?
Like the seasons change, I change.
When first grade ends, second grade begins.
When elementary school ends, middle school begins.
Learning never ends, it just begins again somewhere else.
I think learning changes everything, do you?

By Isabelle H.

Can’t go to school.
Hope for better days.
Away from friends.
Never stop helping.
Giving people space.
Excited when we see each other again.


by Olivia C.

It all started happy,
a few weeks ago,
it got sadder
and sadder.
We can still have school…
That still matters
to us.

By River M.

Swings are empty
Can’t play with friends
Orange pajamas all day
Outside is fun
Laughing with my family

By Stella

Have to read every day
Art helps me show my feelings
No school teacher, my mom is my teacher
Gym is fun at home
Everyone is home to be safe