Amanda Sandoval

Amanda Sandoval

Riverside County Teacher of the Year

Eleanor Roosevelt High School
Corona-Norco Unified School District


“I am beyond grateful to receive this recognition. I represent one of many teachers who pour their passion and love into the classroom. Thank you to the entire hardworking staff at Eleanor Roosevelt High School for always inspiring me to, “BE THE BEST AT GETTING BETTER.” Especially my supportive Principal Jeremy Goins, my creative colleagues in my history department, and my fellow sheltered teachers who touch the hearts and minds of our English language learner population. To my parents, thank you for modeling your strong work ethic. To my husband Louis, and my son Myles, thank you for understanding that teaching does not end when the bell rings. And to my students, you are the reason why I am excited to go to work in the morning. Thank you for making me laugh every day. Teaching is the best job EVER!”


Creating civil rights infographics and publishing e-books on the Great Depression; constructing résumés for Cold War leaders; and defusing land mines using iPads. These are some of the creative ways that Amanda Sandoval incorporates technology into her history classrooms. While prying students away from their beloved smartphones is a constant challenge for many educators, recognizing those digital devices as tools to limitless information can creatively spark learning is an everyday occurrence in Amanda’s classroom. The first in her family to graduate from college, Amanda enjoys working with English learners and bilingual educators, presenting at educational technology conferences, using dress-up days to communicate historical authenticity in the classroom, and exposing students to civic opportunities throughout the southern California region. Her colleagues describe her “relentless drive to search for strategies to improve student comprehension and engagement” and her “unquenchable thirst to maximize her instruction” as evidence for why they consider her to be “the best history teacher in our great nation.”