Courtney Fox

Courtney Fox

Site Support Employee of the Year

Project Facilitator,
Professional Development
Desert Sands School District


“Doing what you love every day is a true gift. Being recognized by the leaders in my district and then at the county level has been both validating and humbling. I am just a small part of an amazing team that provides support to each of our school sites, and I am honored to represent them here today. I always knew I would be an educator; I loved school, and have been in constant pursuit of learning throughout my life. My current role supporting professional development allows me to combine both my passion for teaching and learning. Every teacher, principal, and director with whom I’ve had the honor of working has encouraged and fostered my growth as a teacher leader. It is my goal to pay it forward, dedicating my efforts to providing high-quality, relevant professional learning that supports, empowers and inspires our teachers.”


Few educators would report that their most gratifying professional experiences take place long after the school day has ended. But, for Courtney Fox, the most rewarding moments arrive when she hears her own children recap their school days. Woven through the responses of her kids are snippets of class activities and lessons that reflect many of the trainings Courtney helped coordinate. As a former math teacher, her ultimate goal as professional development facilitator is to build capacity and have a positive impact on students which she accomplishes through more than 100 days of district-led trainings for educators every school year. Courtney’s goal in each training is that participants will “leave feeling a greater passion for this work, remembering why they went into education in the first place.” Her colleagues describe her as someone with the “ability to be versatile and innovative, while at the same time, demonstrating genuine respect for traditions.”