Dwight Taylor

Dwight Taylor

Classified Employee of the Year

Campus Supervisor II,
Badger Springs Middle School
Moreno Valley Unified School District


“I would like to thank God, and my wife Victoria, whom I love so much! My kids: Kierra, Caleb, and Cameron. The MVUSD leadership team, and the Board for celebrating all educators. I would also like to thank Mr. Barney, Mr. Darryl Scott, Dr. Verde, Dr. K, Tim McGillivray, Chris Weddle, Jane Moore, Michelle Cooper, Tracey Case, Craig Petinak, and Dr. Judy White, and the staff at RCOE for their excellence in leadership, and the kids of course!!! Without these people, I wouldn’t have this great honor. Thank you!!!”


For Dwight Taylor, supervising a middle school campus is far more than patrolling a parking lot or cajoling students to get to class on time. For many students, navigating life is far more challenging than any school assignment, and Dwight Taylor’s encouragement-based mindset is that “people are the primary focus of my life, and if I succeed at cultivating people, then I have succeeded beyond any dollar amount or position in any classifications.”

Beyond the daily connections with students, Dwight serves as the basketball coach, participates in professional learning communities, and is a member of the campus Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support (PBIS) team. Additionally, he is active in his church, as an advocate for restorative justice, and with the YMCA and Big Brother/Big Sister Program. In 2001, California Governor Gray Davis recognized Dwight with the Essie L. Bell Award for his work with the God Bless the Child Foundation.