Jose Campos

Jose Campos

Certificated Administrator of the Year

Parent Involvement & Community Outreach
Jurupa Unified School District


“It is an honor and privilege to receive this award. I am forever grateful to my team at Jurupa Unified School District for their support and confidence. All this is the fruit of so many working together for our students, families, and community. To Marty, my first principal, mentor, and coach for setting the foundation. To Dave, for not setting limits and seeing how far I can go. To my wife Ana, for her support, guidance, counsel, and encouragement. To my children Jared, Bianca, Joaquin, and Benjamin, for the motivation to see all children as mine and to make our school communities as engaging and supportive as possible focusing on familial and community strength to elevate us all. To the JUSD Board of Education and Cabinet, thank you for your support, mentorship, and the opportunity to explore so many partnerships and programs to benefit our children, families, and community.”


A health clinic, two dental programs, and a team of traveling mental health clinicians are just a few of the “wraparound” services that Jose Campos and his team offer to students and families in the Jurupa Unified School District. Along with training parents to lead parent education programs and administering nutritional programs, more than 32,000 annual daily contacts are made with Jurupa Valley families to help support a “healthy body/healthy minds” paradigm. Jose’s drive to help students overcome health and wellness issues that might otherwise interfere with the learning experience has become a model for other districts across the state. Jose’s mission to launch a family health clinic through the school started when he recognized the dire need for free and low-cost health services as a principal at Troth Street Elementary School. Years of entrepreneurial leadership and a determined, innovative spirit has now blossomed into partnerships with Kaiser Permanente, Borrego Health, and many other community-based organizations.