Quyen Nguyen

Quyen Nguyen

Classified Administrator of The Year

Student Information Systems
Alvord Unified School District


“I am honored and humbled to be recognized for believing in our students. My work is no more than a reflection of the effort that many employees at Alvord are doing under our district vision which is a promise that “All students will realize their unlimited potential”. Thank you Alvord family, the Board of Education, Superintendent Sid Salazar, Assistant Superintendent Kirk Skorpanich, cabinet, and my colleagues for the support and a solid vision. Thanks to my husband and our five children for putting up with my long work hours. And of course, I cannot improve the lives of our students and be contributing to a system that works to bridge the achievement gap and brings out the best in ALL students without my support system. Cám ơn Má, Ba Má, Quý A/C em luôn thương yêu và nâng đỡ con. Thanks to my in-laws and siblings for your continuous support.”


Making data-driven decisions may be the goal of many district trustees and administrators, but for Quyen Nguyen, providing the human side of statistics is an invaluable tool that provides decision-makers with a vision of students rather than images of data charts. Quyen describes her role as a link between statistical data and classroom effectiveness and recognizes the direct connection between her data analysis and the increase in college and career readiness. Without knowing a word of English, Quyen arrived in the United States from Vietnam when she was 10 years old. Her first-hand understanding of struggling in school has transformed her into an educator who is passionate about improving the quality of education and life for all students. Beyond the spreadsheets and reports, Quyen is described by colleagues as someone who “shines with a humility that belies her intellectual brilliance” and as “a gift to the students of Alvord Unified School District.”