Robin Woods

Robin Woods

Confidential Employee of the Year

Executive Secretary II – Confidential
Riverside Unified School District


“I am very grateful to have been chosen to represent the best of the confidential employees throughout Riverside County!! I would like to thank God for giving me the strength and knowledge to persevere. I would also like to thank my parents for always supporting and believing in me, and my husband and children who provide me with the momentum as to why I do what I do. Love you all! To my RUSD family, especially those in Personnel, I thank you for your daily support, laughter and friendship. My mentor, friend, and sista’, Ms. “Woodie” Rucker-Hughes, whose constant reminder to me is that “If you’re not at the table, you are probably on the menu”, keeps me continuously trying to be not only at the table but also in the forefront of it! Thank you! President Barack Obama said it best, ‘Yes, we can. Yes we did. Yes, we can.’”


In a district that serves more than 42,000 students, a wide range of questions, requests, and projects reach the desk of the Assistant Superintendent of Personnel, Leadership, and Development. On any given day, Robin Woods tackles all incoming challenges with aplomb and a collaborative approach whether she is working with trustees, assistant superintendents, elected officials, community leaders, parents, or other classified and confidential staff. Colleagues describe her as someone who “cares about her work and strives to make the department flourish daily” with “a professional demeanor and inspiration that is contagious.” For more than a decade, Robin has served as Secretary on the Riverside NAACP Executive Board while volunteering for the United Way and in multiple roles in the community where she acts as a bridge builder in the work of racial, economic, and gender equality. The impact of this work is most evident in Robin’s leadership in developing RUSD’s African-American Parent Advisory Council.