Veronica Mondragon

Veronica Mondragon

Riverside County Teacher of the Year

Canyon Lake Middle School
Lake Elsinore Unified School District


“It has been an absolute honor to serve and represent the Lake Elsinore/Canyon Lake community! Thank you administrators, colleagues, and students’ parents for your support through the entire evaluating process! Thank you Omar for understanding my job never “clocks out”. You are such a loving husband! CC and Luz: I hope I make you proud of your mama always. To my other kiddos: being your teacher has been one of the greatest rewards in my life. I love it when our classroom is packed at lunch. The best part of teaching is getting to know so many beautiful, unique personalities and finding ways to connect those personalities to the curriculum. Jane Moore: thank you for your support, wisdom, and commitment to Riverside County Educators! You inspire me! Lastly, I wouldn’t be doing what I love if it wasn’t for my benevolent parents; thank you for your unconditional love and support!”


When Veronica Mondragon was a child, her father bragged to other family members that his daughter would grow up to be a teacher and that he would be “the happiest dad alive” when his daughter had her own classroom. After more than a decade of teaching at Canyon Lake Middle School, Veronica continues to encourage other young minds as an AVID teacher whose compassion-based projects help students learn to think outside their immediate middle school world. When teaching geography, she doesn’t just want students to study places in the world, but encourages them to put a face and emotion to the actual geographic regions. When asking students to connect with people who are different than themselves, she brings the focus closer to home by building relational bridges with special education students on campus. For Veronica, preparing the whole student to succeed in their world is more than a social studies unit, it’s a life lesson.