Jason Jones, Ed.D.

Jason Jones


Arizona Intermediate School Principal
Alvord USD


“Henry David Thoreau once stated: “I have great faith in a seed. Convince me that you have a seed there, and I am prepared to expect wonders.” I am grateful for the wonders I have seen as Principal at Arizona Middle School. I would like to thank my family: Corinthian, Jacob, Chloe, and Caleb, for their unwavering love and support. To my Arizona family: Thank you for allowing me to be your leader. I have always endeavored to lead with compassion, allowing compassion to make the difference. Our students come to us as little seeds with great potential; it is through our shared effort that we manifest the wonders of their possibility. This award is a great honor that is only made possible through our collective efficacy. Arizona Middle School is a school with a legacy of greatness; and that legacy continues.”


Dr. Jason Jones’ 15 years of experience as a teacher, counselor, and assistant principal has been preparing him to serve as a middle school principal. His doctorate degree in educational leadership, with an emphasis in educational justice, shapes his commitment to ensuring that equitable opportunities are available to all students and communities. This has revealed itself in the re-launch of after-school programs, earning distinction as an AVID National Demonstration school, and establishing a culture of continuous learning on campus. His ability to work collaboratively with others to achieve those goals and milestones is due to what colleagues describe as his “creating a culture of caring” and “seeing strengths and abilities in teachers that are oftentimes unseen by others.” Arizona Intermediate School has received multiple awards during his three years as principal—including a case study by Ten Marks, an Amazon company, that showcased the school’s success in teaching mathematics.