Susan (Sue) Hall

Susan Hall


TOSA – Teacher Support and Development
Murrieta Valley USD


“I want to thank God, my family, and colleagues for this honor today. My husband, Don, who says “let’s look at the ways you can, not the ways you can’t,” when I face new challenges. My three grown sons, Danny, Andy, and Charlie (the best “professional development” I have ever had!). My mom and dad, for their steadfast love and lessons on the value of hard work. My directors, Faythe and Sean and my educational services teammates—especially the “originals” Mary and Michelle—for inspiring me and making me laugh as we have dedicated ourselves to serving teachers and students. Pastors Ted and Judy, and the teachers in Africa who have radiated joy in the midst of hardship. And finally, to the Murrieta Valley USD Board and Superintendent Kelley for giving me the opportunity to pursue my passionate commitment to student literacy and teacher development.”


As a teacher on special assignment, Sue Hall is always ready to tackle new projects that support teachers and students by setting the tone of reflection and continuous improvement in herself and others. During her time at Murrieta Valley USD, her assignments have included creating training for intervention teachers, presenting research on mindset, growing a literacy focus at secondary schools, supporting foster youth, and developing an induction program for special education teachers. Ms. Hall’s colleagues describe her as “an advocate for all that is good in the teaching profession” and “the lifeline that comes up just when they need it.” Her outward mindset extends far beyond southwest Riverside County. Her community involvement is evidenced on the other side of the globe by Project T.E.A.Ch. (Together Educating Africa’s Children), a non-profit organization that brings education and supplies to orphanage schools in Africa. In 2017, she returned from her tenth trip along with more than a dozen fellow educators.