Dr. Milo P. Johnson Center for Learning

graduates walk across in front of buildingThe Milo P. Johnson Center for Learning serves youth who have dropped out of school up to the age of twenty-two in an independent learning environment through the Come Back Kids program. We offer students an opportunity to be themselves, learn naturally, and have a safe learning environment in which to be successful.

The goal at the Milo P. Johnson Center for Learning is to provide a safe, secure and positive learning environment that encourages our students to focus on their individualized educational needs. While at our site, students are provided with a pathway to success leading them to a high school diploma or GED.

All students are encouraged to pursue a post-secondary education whether it’s going to a community college or trade school depending on the students’ individual academic or career goals. To better assist our students, we have an established partnership with both Mt. San Jacinto and Riverside Community Colleges, individualized academic counseling, and a work experience course to assist our students in creating a pathway to their futures.

“Education is not the preparation for life, education is life itself” – John Dewey

Programs Offered

  • Come Back Kids Charter
  • Physical Education Classes and Competitive Sports Opportunities
  • Counseling Services: Academic, Social-Emotional, Anger Management, Substance Abuse
  • Foster Youth Services
  • Choices Mentoring Program
  • Adult Life Skills