Early Care and Education Eligibility List (EL)

preschool girl reaches for pencil working with classmatesThe Riverside County Office of Education, Early Care and Education maintains the Early Care and Education Eligibility List (EL). Programs that receive state funding through the California Department of Education (CDE) are required to maintain and utilize an EL to fill vacancies in their subsidized child care and development and state preschool programs. The EL is a listing of the families in Riverside County interested in receiving subsidized child care and development services through an Early Care and Education program.

Getting on the Early Care and Education EL
Interested families may contact (800) 442-4927 to request an EL application. The EL application may also be downloaded from this Web site:

Once an application has been completed and returned, it will be entered into the EL database. The EL automatically ranks families according to their eligibility per CDE regulations. This is not a standard ranking but a weighted ranking, so there may be hundreds of families at rank 1, rank 2, and so on.

Time spent on the EL
The amount of time a family spends on the EL is dependent upon the availability of funding Early Care and Education receives from CDE. Once funding is available, Early Care and Education will pull families in ranking order, so that the most eligible families, at that time, are contacted first.

Keeping Information Current
It is vital that families keep all the information on the EL current.  Changes in address, phone number, job status or location, income and/or family size must be reported to Early Care and Education. This keeps families active in the EL database with the most accurate information. Families are required to update their EL application information every six months in order to remain active on the EL.  Applications that are not updated timely will become inactive.