Head Start and Early Head Start FAQ

Who is eligible to enroll in the Head Start or Early Head Start programs?
Head Start and Early Head Start programs provide comprehensive services for pregnant mothers and families with infants, toddlers, and preschool children.  These programs are for low-income and special needs families.  Part day, full day, home based are program options for families.

To qualify for Head Start, children must be at least 3 years old by the start of kindergarten in the school district which they live and meet income based upon the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines.  Early Head Start works with pregnant women and children up to age three who are age and income eligible.

Click here to see the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines.

What documents do I need to provide to see if I qualify for Head Start?
Families need to provide a legal form of proof of the child’s age such as a birth certificate and documentation of 12 previous month’s income.  Once these documents are verified, families who are age and income eligible will be assigned eligibility points that will help prioritize them on the waitlist for selection for enrollment slots.

How do I start the process to see if I qualify for Head Start?
A recruitment form is either filled out at the site or over the phone with basic information so that staff can contact interested families.  See phone numbers below for both Grantee and Delegate operated programs in Riverside County.

Are there any charges or fees to participate in the Head Start or Early Start programs?
RCOE or its delegate agencies do not charge fees for Head Start or Early Head Start program services.

How can I find a Head Start or Early Head Start program near where I live?
You can contact us during business hours using our toll free number (800) 600-1800. You can also contact the delegate agency or RCOE directly operated site that you think is nearest to you.  Another useful tool is the Head Start Locator site that can be found on the Head Start Early Childhood Knowledge and Learning Center Web site.

What is the contact information for Riverside County Office of Education Head Start and/or Early Head Start programs?

Grantee Operated Sites
(951) 826-4240
(951) 826-4580
(951) 826-4500
Beaumont 8th Street*
(951) 826-4530
Bryant Park
(951) 826-4245
Casa Blanca*
(951) 977-9924
(951) 826-4220
(951) 826-4230
Home Gardens
(951) 826-4224
(951) 826-4234
La Granada
(951) 826-4205
(951) 600-5680
(951) 943-5815
Philip M. Stokoe*
(951) 826-4390
RCC Moreno Valley
(951) 826-4215
(951) 826-4235
(951) 826-4360
Delegate Agencies
Coachella Valley Unified School District
(760) 399-5237
Desert Sands Unified School District
(760) 771-8775
Hemet Unified School District
(951) 765-1648
Jurupa Unified School District
(951) 360-4149
Lake Elsinore Unified School District*
(951) 253-7000
Moreno Valley Unified School District
(951) 697-4343
Palm Springs Unified School District*
(760) 416-8090
Palo Verde School District
(760) 922-8454
Riverside Unified School District*
(951) 352-8290
Romoland School District*
(951) 928-2924
San Jacinto Unified School District
(951) 654-1531

*also has an Early Head Start program