Secondary Lessons (9-12)

RCOE is committed to providing resources to help History Social Science teachers follow the recommendations of the California History Social Science Framework. The framework provides guidance for teaching California’s History Social Science standards and the literacy standards in History Social Science. Each resource below provides a brief introduction followed by links to grade-level resources provided by the external site.

Vignettes by Grade Level

These Vignettes are model lessons taken straight out of the CA HSS Framework. Each grade level is hyperlinked to the grade level chapter of the framework to provide context in addition to further reading opportunities. Each vignette has the traditional hSS framework coversheet, followed by the essential questions to be answered via grade level disciplinary ventures into History Social Science. The following pages contain the vignette. You’ll be able to see the title for the vignette in a blue box as well as the rest of the vignette with a blue line surrounding it.

Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12 (Govt)

Grade 12 (Econ)

Teaching California

The California History-Social Science Project (CHSSP) partnered with the  California Historical Society (CHS)  to furnish grade level appropriate sources to help students understand the Compelling Questions that are posed in the California’s HIstory-Social Science Framework This site provides “the what” to teachers who are looking to improve student reading, writing and critical thinking while inspiring them to discover the past.

Grade 9 (Ethnic Studies)

Grade 10 (World History)

Grade 11 (US History)

Grade 12 (Econ)

Grade 12 (Govt)