Instructional Services Content Area Support and Training

The purpose of Instructional Services (IS) is to bring critical resources to bear on raising the educational community’s capacity to increase student achievement in core content areas. IS staff stay current on legislative and curricular/instructional issues in order to bring the latest information and technical assistance to our county school districts.

Guided by research and practice, staff write grants, develop workshops, sponsor conferences, and contract with recognized consultants to bring about effective curriculum and instruction reform at both the school and classroom levels.

Other programs and services offered include networking meetings, publications, school assistance teams, and on-site coaching for teachers and principals so they can effectively implement strategies at their schools.

IS staff create school, district, county, and state data profiles on which school leaders can base important decisions.

Support for instructional technology is also available in the areas of staff development, learning resources, hardware and telecommunication infrastructure, technical assistance, coordination of programs, and funding for technology.