RCOE Dual Language Consortium

Instructional Services (IS) provides a network to districts and schools who currently have or are considering implementing a Dual Immersion (DI) or Two-Way Bilingual Immersion (TWBI) program.  The Dual Immersion Consortium offers professional development to assist in establishing, improving, and expanding Dual Immersion programs. The consortium focuses on academic achievement of students participating in Dual Immersion programs.  At each consortium event, workshops provide assistance to teachers with dual language instruction strategies. Each session is lead by a dual immersion practitioner with years of experience in a dual language classroom. Sessions focus on DI pedagogy, language content, and grade level issues.  Consortium topics include DLI pedagogy, resources, activities, curriculum, California State Standards, bilingual skills, and cross-cultural competencies. Consortium members have the opportunity to network with other Dual Immersion practitioners.

One of our main features of the consortium is to provide a Dual Immersion expert.  The Dual Immersion keynote provides our county teachers and administrators with research and/or expertise from the field on current topics relevant to today’s needs.

For more information concerning district programs, please contact:

  • Lisa E. Rivera, Administrator, Instructional Services, Educational Services
    Riverside County Office of Education

For more information concerning UCR Extension programs, please contact:


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