Equity: Going Beyond Access

Call for Collective Movement Beyond Access

The Instructional Services unit recognizes the need to eliminate disparities in educational outcomes of students from marginalized populations.

*We are seeking to expand our collective understanding of equity, beyond access to include achievement, identity and power.

*We are seeking to educate children to view the world with a critical mindset, to imagine how the world might become a socially and racially just place, and to identify themselves as agentive thinkers capable of engaging in transformative ways in society, so they can improve the quality of their life and their communities.

*We are seeking to eliminate the widening of attainment gaps for Indigenous, Black, Latina/o/x, and Asian students.

These ideals can be realized, first by acknowledging the injustice embedded in our policies and practices and creating just opportunities, and the sharing of resources that empower students for success. Secondly, by focusing on institutional accountability rather than student deficits. Thirdly, by dismantling systemic inequities and the co-creation of racially just systems in curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

We encourage educators join the call and offer support and resources for realizing these ideals.

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