Instructional Services Content Area Support and Training

The purpose of Instructional Services (IS) is to bring critical resources to bear on raising the educational community’s capacity to increase student achievement in core content areas. IS staff stay current on legislative and curricular/instructional issues in order to bring the latest information and technical assistance to our county school districts.

Guided by research and practice, staff develop workshops, sponsor conferences, and contract with recognized consultants to bring about effective curriculum and instruction reform at both the school and classroom levels.

Other programs and services offered include networking meetings, publications, school assistance teams, and on-site coaching for teachers and principals so they can effectively implement strategies at their schools.

Building Professional Learning Communities

Instructional Services (IS) provides on-site leadership team support to assist teams in building professional learning communities but not limited to establishing leadership team roles, facilitating meeting skills, using protocols, setting SMART goals, and analyzing data and student work. Leadership teams learn ways to deal with challenging colleagues, methods to hold their teams accountable for results, and rubrics to assess their progress as a professional learning community.

Data Teams Training

Data-driven decisions are the foundation of developing a collaborative culture. IS helps facilitate the process of systemic and systematic change with principals, teachers, and leadership teams by promoting shared leadership and modeling effective team roles. We focus on data analysis using different forms of assessment, e.g., benchmark, formative, and summative assessments. Within the data teams, barriers to effective collaboration are diagnosed and resolved.

Site Support

Instructional Services provides site-level support for principals, leadership team members, department and grade level leaders, and individuals using data analysis and classroom observations to identify barriers to student achievement. Using the results of this analysis, IS members work with the school leadership team to formulate and implement goals to address these barriers. IS members monitor progress toward the goals throughout the school year, providing feedback and support. The ultimate goal of the site-level support is to increase student achievement.

Developing Multi–Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) System

Instructional Services can provide support in working collaboratively with districts and sites in developing their own Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) system. IS will assist teams in analyzing data to identify strategic areas of students’ needs and assist in organizing or refining the resources to alignment of academic standards and behavioral expectations, implemented with fidelity and sustained over time, in order to accelerate the performance of every student to achieve and/or exceed proficiency.

Training District and School Content Coaches

Instructional Services supports K-12 teachers who are in a content coaching role. The assistance is based on current coaching research and provides an opportunity for coaches to create a network and share ideas, successes, and concerns.

The support focuses on:

  1. Exploring different coaching models and systems.
  2. Building rapport/relationships with teachers.
  3. Providing a structure for demonstration lessons.
  4. Working with “interesting” people.
  5. Co-teaching and co-planning with teachers.

Principal Support

Instructional Services provides confidential support for principals in planning, implementing, and monitoring plans for improving student achievement. IS members work with the principal to analyze current data; identify barriers to student achievement; set goals for improvement; implement targeted professional development; facilitate meetings with leadership teams, teachers, and coaches; monitor progress toward improvement goals; and provide ongoing feedback and support to the principal.

Pedagogy Support

Using research-based instructional strategies, Instructional Services provides assistance to teachers through professional development opportunities to reach diverse learners in all content areas. Support will be aligned to California Standards and within the context of classroom practice.

Adopted Curriculum Support

Instructional Services can provide assistance to district in implementing state-board approved English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science programs. IS will work collaboratively with districts and schools to establish/refine Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) including, but not limited to, content and program support, instructional strategies, cognitive lesson planning, grade level collaboration, use of data, assessment analysis, establishing and monitoring SMART goals, principal walk-throughs, and support with SB 472.

District Office Support and Planning

Instructional Services provides support at the district office level for district-wide planning and delivery of data driven professional development and coaching. IS members work with district office personnel to design a system of support based on site needs. Services include training administrators and team leaders in data analysis, facilitation of collaborative meetings, providing professional development in strategies to address the needs of diverse learners, and monitoring student achievement. IS also provides district-level personnel with timely updates of state and federal initiatives.