Visual and Performing Arts

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Be a part of the inaugural

Riverside County

High School Honor Band

The new Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) unit strives to promote and uplift the arts in Riverside County.

Lead by artist, poet, activist, speaker, and arts instructor Ms. Louisa Castrodale, the unit will be developing a county arts plan, supporting districts who would like to create their own plan, and providing VAPA standards, support, and training to our districts.

RCOE VAPA Priorities include:

  • Creation of a County Arts Plan in conjunction with California Alliance for Arts Education, Arts Now Campaign
  • Hosting professional development for VAPA Leads:
    • Professional Development Day
    • Quarterly meetings (beginning in January)
  • RCOE Arts Conference for arts teachers from across the county
  • Creation of the Riverside County High School Honor Band for music students from across the county
  • Establishing the following countywide student arts events:
    • Annual Arts Summit (March 31, 2020 at UCR Arts)
    • Honor Band Performance
    • Film Festival
  • Arts Residencies for county alternative education programs