Arts Webinars

As we enter the new educational landscape of distance learning, RCOE VAPA will be offering arts content webinars for teachers and administrators. We will open with webinars dedicated to music and elementary arts. As time goes on, we will periodically add webinars featuring the other arts disciplines of theatre, dance, and media arts. Please enjoy these powerful tools for topical and relevant arts education as we move forward into the coming school year. Together, we will discover new strategies and best practices to engage and teach our students!

Arts Standards Made Simple!

If you are a multiple subject and/or secondary arts teacher, and you would like to have a concise overview of the new State Board of Education adopted California Arts Standards for Public Schools, then this is the webinar for you! Join Arts Administrator, Louisa Higgins, to learn about the 4 artistic processes, the 11 anchor standards, the new nomenclature, how UDL factors in to lesson design, and how SEL is being combined with the arts standards.

Cultural Relevancy and the Arts Webinar

Please join Arts Administrator, Louisa Higgins, as she explains cultural relevancy and the arts through the lens of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). She will take participants through two hands-on arts lessons: Four To Know (elementary) and Equity Arts Study (secondary) to ensure an engaging process that will lock in the concepts and give teachers the skills and understanding to start incorporating cultural relevancy into all areas of their classroom practice.

The Art of Poetry Webinar

Please join Arts Administrator and Poet, Louisa Higgins, as she demonstrates multiple approaches for engaging and delighting elementary students through literary arts. During this action packed hour, participants will create several “make and take” examples, as well as learn about other techniques, ready for immediate distance learning use. This session will also illuminate how poetry can create meaningful Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and culturally relevant learning for students. Try Poetry!

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