2019 Roster & Wait List

Attention Auditionees: The Riverside County High School Honor Band roster has been finalized. Thank you to all students who auditioned!

Riverside County Honor Band Roster

Banning Unified School District

Banning High School

Valimina Spangler – 2nd Baritone

                Jennifer Logan – 3rd Trumpet

Beaumont Unified School District

Beaumont High School

Andrew Espinosa – 1st Clarinet

                Alexa Velazco – French Horn 1 & 3

Kevin Pierceall – French Horn 2 & 4

Corona-Norco Unified School District

Centennial High School

                Rebecca Torres – 1st Flute

Giancarlo Ceja 2nd Clarinet

Desert Sands Unified School District

Indio High School

                Angel Ramirez 3rd Clarinet

Palm Desert High School

                Nicholas Washburn – 1st Trumpet

Hemet Unified School District

Tahquitz High School

                Edgar Gutierrez – Percussion

                Trent Pearrow – Tuba (Alternate)

Lake Elsinore Unified School District

Elsinore High School

                Kasey Cowan – Tenor Saxophone

                Taima Bati – Baritone Saxophone

Moreno Valley Unified School District

Canyon Springs High School

                Hector Ramirez – 3rd Trombone

                Michael Morales – 1st Clarinet

                Rebekah Campbell – 1st Clarinet

                Brandon Parker-Morris – 2nd Clarinet

                Isabel Watson – Percussion

                Precious Jackson – Percussion

Angelica Osorio – Bass Clarinet

                Jordan Raines – Bass Clarinet

Moreno Valley High School

                Jeanna Lyter – 2nd Flute

Valley View High School

                Lennon Gamez – 1st Alto Saxophone

                Christina Iglesias – 2nd Clarinet

                Oscar Cardoso – 2nd Trumpet

Vista Del Lago High School

                Daisy Ceballos – 2nd Clarinet

                Alexander Gonzalez – Bass Trombone

                Judas Molina – Tuba

                Julissa Samano – 2nd Trumpet

                Julianna Tellez – Trumpet (Alternate)

Murrieta Valley Unified School District

Murrieta Valley High School

                Elizabeth Matranga – 1st Flute

                Tori Petrovski – 3rd Flute and Piccolo

                Mackenzie Wood – 1st Baritone

Palm Springs Unified School District

Cathedral City High School

                Aaron Wolf – 2nd Trombone

                Ernest Lopez – 2nd Trombone

                Lisette Alverdin – 3rd Flute

                Emily Sosa – Flute (Alternate)

                Lilian Vay – Tuba

                Brian Linares – Tuba

                Kayla De Guzman – 1st Oboe

                Fernando Garbuño – Oboe (Alternate)

Desert Hot Springs High School

                Vasti Andrade – Tenor Saxophone

                                Marcos Herrera – Percussion

Palo Verde Unified School District

Palo Verde High School

                Katherine Warren – Percussion

Perris Union Unified School District

Heritage High School

                Ian Alvarado – 1st Trumpet

                Maegan Calder – 3rd Clarinet

                                Maya Cervantes – 3rd Clarinet

                                Goviani Vasquez – Bass Clarinet

Riverside Unified School District

Martin Luther King High School

                Andrew Louis – 1st Trombone

                Ryan Vickrey – French Horn 1

Val Verde Unified School District

Citrus Hill High School

                Alexiah Ramsey – 3rd Flute

                Brianna Alba – Bassoon

                Brian Gomez – 2nd Alto Saxophone

                Eleri Arzate – Tenor Saxophone (Alternate)

Orange Vista High School

                Stephen Lopez – 2nd Baritone

                Michelle Santos- Clarinet (Alternate)

                Aiden Barraza – Bass Clarinet

Rancho Verde High School

Danielle Lomee – 2nd Flute

Michelle Griffin – 2nd Flute and Piccolo

Matheu Padua – 3rd Trombone

Henry Flores – 1st Alto Saxophone

Shaina De La Cruz – 2nd Alto Saxophone

Doris Rodriguez – Alto Saxophone (Alternate)

Blake Johnson – Trombone (Alternate)

Dylan Barnum – 1st Baritone

Saul Rivera – Baritone (Alternate)

Andrew Bowman – 2nd Clarinet

Michael Sanchez – 3rd Clarinet

Alika O’Gwynn – 3rd Clarinet

Natalie Cossios – 3rd Clarinet

Elijah Luminarias – 3rd Clarinet

Breeze Salazar – Bari Saxophone

Carlos Flores – Tuba

Emmanuel Montano – Tuba

Marissa Zodiacal – 3rd Trumpet

Andrew Segura – 3rd Trumpet

Leonardo Rodriguez – Percussion

JC Eclar – French Horn 2

Alonzo Gonzalez – 1st Oboe


You will be contacted ASAP only if your participation is needed in this ensemble.


By Thursday, January 2, the Honor Band Acceptance Form must be printed, filled out by both student and parent/guardian, electronically scanned, and emailed to Event Chair Allyson Huntsman (ahuntsman@valverde.edu).  Failure to get this submitted on time may result in a students spot being revoked, and potentially assigned to an alternate!


Email County VAPA Coordinator Louisa Higgins (lhiggins@rcoe.us) and Event Chair Allyson Huntsman (ahuntsman@valverde.edu).