Interdistrict Attendance Appeals

If a student is denied attendance at a school outside his/her district of residence, the student or student’s parent/guardian may have an appeal to the Riverside County Board of Education.

To request an appeal, please download and review the Interdistrict Attendance Appeal Packet, and complete the Interdistrict Attendance Appeal and Request for Hearing form included in the packet.

For more information, please review the following Board Bylaws:

When to File

An appeal must be filed within 30 calendar days following the failure or refusal of a district to issue a permit. An appeal shall be accepted only upon verification by the County Board of Education’s designee that all local administrative remedies have been exhausted.

Scope of Review

The Riverside County Board of Education shall determine the appeal based upon the evidence and information presented by the appellant, respondent(s) and the Secretary to the Riverside County Board of Education.


The Pupil and Administrative Services Unit at Riverside County Office of Education for more information or to request an Interdistrict Attendance Appeal packet.