Williams Settlement

The Williams, et al., vs. State of California, et al. (Williams) case was filed as a class action in 2000. The basis of the lawsuit was that the agencies failed to provide public school students with equal access to instructional materials, safe and decent school facilities, and qualified teachers.

The case was settled in 2004, resulting in the allocation of $138 million in funding for standards-aligned instructional materials for schools in the first and second deciles as determined through the 2003 Academic Performance Index (API) Base. The settlement includes another $50 million for implementation costs for schools in deciles one through three. These two amounts were included in the 2004-05 state budget.

Another $800 million will be provided for critical repair of facilities in future years for schools in deciles one through three. The settlement will be implemented through legislation adopted in August 2004: Senate Bill (SB) 6, SB 550, Assembly Bill (AB) 1550, AB 2727, AB 3001.

As a result of the Williams case, CDE is proposing changes to the School Accountability Report Card to help all schools report the overall condition of their facilities, the number of teacher misassignments, and the availability of textbooks or instructional materials.

The resources below provide complete details about the Williams Lawsuit Settlement and resources for implementation. (Resource websites and documents will open in a new browser window and may open behind the current window.)

Williams Lawsuit Settlement Resources

California County Superintendents Educational Services Association (CCSESA)
Resources for implementation.

California Department of Education
Information on the Williams Settlement including a list of schools affected.

Riverside County Schools in Deciles 1-3 (based on 2012 API)

School Accountability Report Card (SARC) Template (from CCSESA)

Suggested Resolution on Sufficiency of Instructional Materials (from CDE)
Language which may be used by governing boards to certify compliance.

Uniform Complaint Process Board Policy (sample) – California School Boards Association (CSBA)

Uniform Complaint Process Classroom Notice (sample)

Uniform Complaint Process Classroom Notice (sample) – Spanish translation

Teacher Credential Visitation Templates (from CCSESA)