Biography – Dr. Jesús A. Luna

Dr. Jose A. LunaAn expert in the field of education, Dr. Luna is an immigrant whose dissertation “Factors That Impede Latino Immigrant Parents in California from Being Involved in their Children’s Education” has helped many further understand the trajectory of being an immigrant.  His dissertation has been utilized in universities to further research ways to help parents become engaged in the school setting. In addition, his dissertation has also been replicated in a study with similar demographics in Northern California.

Dr. Luna has been a keynote speaker in various events such as Chino Valley Unified School District’s First Multicultural Event and has also presented for different organizations such as PIQE, ACSA and CALSA.  One of the most popular presentations for superintendents across California has been “Meet your LCAP Parent Involvement Mandate & Establish a Transformational Parent Culture!”.  Many school districts have benefited from his expertise.

Dr. Luna is an immigrant who migrated from Mexico City during 6th grade.  His passion for supporting English Learners, support English Learner parents and created unique programs to further engage parents in school functions has helped him become a motivational speaker to parents, students, administrators and teachers alike.  Dr. Luna’s entire life has been dedicated to working in the field of education in different facets; from a Special Education teacher aide, to a teacher, a teacher for the adults, a university professor, an assistant principal, principal and now a successful Assistant Superintendent. Dr. Luna has worked in all capacities and truly understands how these roles play in integral part in the success of all students.  Dr. Luna’s life exemplifies highly-engaged life-long learning with an emphasis of reaching the “American Dream”.

Dr. Luna has been able to help many individuals; particularly immigrant parents.  Dr. Luna has helped and inspired teachers in understanding that the needs of recent immigrants vary from those who have already settled or are currently residents and/or citizens.  Generational gaps prohibit recent immigrants from understanding available resources or how to navigate the educational system to better support their children or how to ask for support.

Dr. Luna has been recognized as a motivator to parents by the Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE) and has also been recognized by the University of La Verne as excelling in the field of education.   He has repeatedly been a motivational speaker for different community and educational organizations. Aside from his work as an Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Luna has recently worked with Williams Unified School District as well as Riverside County of Education to help in the areas of English Language Learners, Parents of Immigrant students, DELAC and how to engage more parents in school-related functions.  Dr. Luna’s hope is that immigrants do not become just a “statistic” but that rather become productive citizens of their societies.