Don F. Kenny Regional Learning Center

graduates walk between buildings on campusThe Don F. Kenny Regional Learning Center (RLC) is dedicated to educating students at all levels. We provide a middle and high school Community School program, Independent Studies, Adult Transition Program, Come Back Kids (CBK), and Career Technical Education (CTE) health related courses, Audiology and Deaf and Hard of Hearing. The staff at Don F. Kenny RLC strives to instill in students the belief that all students can graduate from high school and move on to the workforce or higher education. We commit our time and energy to ensure all students are afforded the highest quality education possible.

The Community School program serves students in middle and high school who have been expelled from their home schools or placed with us through a probation referral.  Students attend class daily and have opportunities to earn credits, participate in our sports program, take Art and Career classes and work towards their community service goals.

The Independent Study Program targets students in grades 9 through 12.  Students work independently and meet with a teacher on a weekly basis.  Most of our students come to us because the traditional classroom setting did not meet their educational and personal needs.

The Adult Transition Program is designed for students in special education ages 18-22 that have been identified as requiring support services past grade 12. Students work on daily life skills, work skills, community employment, and self- help. Students are placed in this program through a district referral.

The Come Back Kids (CBK) program targets students’ ages 16-24 that have dropped out of school and still want to earn their high school diploma or certificate of completion.  Our teachers develop individualized learning plans to target each student’s needs and meet with students on a weekly basis.  Enroll today!  Call (951) 249-8700.

The CTE Unit is an accredited career/technical-training program providing courses in over 50 career areas in CTE classes through its Regional Occupational Program for high school students and classes for adults through the School of Career Education.  At this center our career focus is on Health related areas of interest.  For more information, contact CTE at (760) 863-3300.

The Audiology and Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program provides services to deaf and hard of hearing students from preschool to 22 years who are in public schools within Riverside County.  Program audiologists administer assessments, provide training to district programs and support the RCOE Deaf and Hard of Hearing Special Day classes.  For more information contact, Elizabeth Cazares, (760) 863-3169.

We also have a new program established by the Community Diversion Team (CDT) that provides direction and guidance to our students.  CDT is a diversion program created by the Riverside County Office of Education (RCOE) in conjunction with the Riverside Probation Department to provide delinquency intervention services. CDT works with pre-delinquent youth to provide services to assist with meeting expulsion requirements and to offer prevention services, such as community service opportunities and incentives.

The Don F. Kenny RLC enjoys a solid reputation within the community as an education establishment that promotes student achievement. We believe that every student must have a safe and structured environment to learn, and we promote an environment of mutual respect between students and all staff.

On behalf of our teachers and staff, I invite you to visit our site and see the educational experiences offered to students who attend the Don F. Kenny Regional Learning Center.

Programs Offered

  • Career Technical Education
  • Come Back Kids Charter
  • Independent Study
  • Middle and High School Community School Program serving middle, and high school students, including foster youth, expelled students and students on probation
  • GED® and HiSET® Testing
  • Fine Arts
  • Athletics
  • PLATO On-Line Learning Credit Recovery Lab
  • Counseling
  • After-Hours Skills Lab for CTE and Community School students
  • Academic/Career Counseling
  • Substance Abuse, Social/Emotional, and Anger Management Counseling
  • Community Diversion Team (CDT) delinquency intervention program