Data Processing and Network Services

Data Processing and Network Services (DPNS) keeps RCOE and contracting districts at the cutting edge of technology by specifying, installing and maintaining servers and printers that keep crucial business processes functioning at RCOE and across districts, charter schools and community colleges in Riverside County. DPNS also provides the following related services:

Data Center Operations and Technical Support

Data Center Operations

Custom services offered by Operations include folding/pressure sealing and post-processing custom forms and high speed scanning to assure that from processing to completion, business processes run smoothly and meet the needs of RCOE and districts it serves. The highly qualified Operations staff monitors graphical business processing and network activities on our state of the art video wall.

Automated Software Agents: To maintain the servers to their highest levels of service, Operations has a large installed base of intelligent software agents that notify the responsible systems or database administrators of potential problems via cellular technology. Average availability levels approach 99.1% uptime, as monitored over a 30 day period. In some cases, such as the high availability clusters or SAN, the availability is close to 99.99%.

Technical Support

Technical Support provides support for all RCOE desktop systems and peripherals.

Database Administration

RCOE’s database administration team supports the various data-driven projects including the Galaxy business system and student systems.

Telecommunications and Network Services

Telecommunications and Network Services is charged with keeping RCOE and contracting districts online through the architecture and management of data networks. Currently RCOE’s Internet connection at the Riverside location consists of redundant OC-3c circuits, providing significantly faster download times for school districts using RCOE as their ISP.

Bandwidth Monitor Utilizing Web Technology: Telecommunications and Network Services actively monitors the bandwidth and network usage for all districts coming to RCOE for Internet and administrative use. Real-time graphs are made available via the web to help district and RCOE network administrators plan for capacity planning for all circuits. We also utilize web technology for viewing all nightly backups, logs of all incoming and outgoing access from our routers as well as for change management on all network devices.

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