Adopt-A-School Program

The Riverside County Office of Education (RCOE) Adopt-a-School Program is an initiative developed for the purpose of building long-term partnerships between schools and local community organizations. Creating strong relationships will enhance student experiences, while creating exposure to businesses.

Business-to-student relationships build community networks that can outlast the ever-changing social media trends. Our goal is to have every school in Riverside County adopted by a business, faith-based, or service organization.

There are many ways to support a school, including:

  • Participating in school events to show appreciation for student achievement and staff performance.
  • Volunteering on Career Day by sharing your personal career journey or business.
  • Making a donation of funds or equipment.
  • Read to students or allow students to read to you once a quarter.
  • Inviting students to perform at company functions where appropriate.
  • Allow the school to celebrate your support through their school newspapers.
  • Advertising support of the school and displaying an Adopt-a-School certificate, and/or banner at the business.

Adopt a School Interest Form

By completing this interest form, the RCOE Ambassador for your area will contact you to initiate a local school connection based on identified needs, that fosters effective partnerships and enhances the academic success of students.
  • Principal or Representative Name
  • Ways your business/organization hopes to support a school, including: