Leadership, Innovation, and Outreach

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Leadership, Innovation, and Outreach

In the Spring of 2019, Dr. White announced that a new division would be formed to focus on leadership, innovation, and outreach. The goal of the new department would be to find creative ways to engage student and adult stakeholders – at all levels of the organization and connect them to viable student outcomes. The Leadership Institute of Riverside County (LIRC) was included in this restructure to maintain a strong focus on leadership development and networking for Principals, Assistant Principals and Teacher Leaders. Once the division was announced, Dr. White spent time building a dynamic team of practitioners and leaders to carry on the powerful leadership work provided by LIRC and compliment it with innovation and outreach efforts designed to engage learners and empower administrators.

MISSION STATEMENT The Leadership, Innovation, and Outreach (LIO) unit exists to explore, question and discover innovative ways to engage, support and empower students, teachers, support staff, and leadership at all levels to improve learner outcomes and adult engagement.

Our integral leadership approach with practitioners will center on core values, strategy and practices that challenge the current paradigm of what’s possible and inspires the space for innovation and sustainable systems that cultivate excellence in every classroom; shared leadership opportunity for all stakeholders; and organizational capacity building.

The anchor of our work with students are threefold–driven by high expectations that accelerate connection to school; empathy and perspective taking; and access to an authentic learning experience that prepares them for college and the workforce.


Support for Site Administrators, Principals, Teams, Teacher Leaders through professional networking groups and personalized coaching.


Centralized location to explore, question and discover bleeding-edge ideas & programs, including student & civic engagement.


Working with various stakeholders, educators, and parents to provide access to student resources, activities, competitions, and more.