Support for Site Administrators

The Leadership, Innovation and Outreach Unit provides professional development opportunities for school leadership, including the following programs. For more information, please contact Donna Simmons, (951) 826-6120.

Assistant Principals Leadership Academy

This unique academy is designed on a case-by-case basis to meet the needs of the interested school district. The facilitator works closely with the district contact to design and deliver a rich, impactful academy in order to more thoroughly equip assistant principals to be well-prepared for the principalship.

Leadership Challenge

The Leadership Challenge captures the essence of the time-honored work of Jim Kouzes and Dr. Barry Z. Posner as an evidence-based approach to achieving extraordinary results. More than 25 years of research and data collected by over three million leaders have substantiated the practices and behaviors as being positively associated with increasing leadership effectiveness. Participants will be introduced The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® model that apply to leadership at any level of any organization or anyone looking to develop as a leader: Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and Encourage the Heart. This training will engage participants in actionable learning activities that provide a deep understanding of each of the five practices of exemplary leadership, stimulate their thinking about how the five practices can be integrated into their daily leadership responsibilities, and inspire them to become a more effective leader through deliberate practice of the principles presented.

Leading School Teams Workshops

Leading School Teams is a structured process that builds the capacity of principals and teacher team leaders to facilitate deep conversations with colleagues that build trust. Learn why teams of teachers and the work they do matters and how to strengthen team dynamics to meet student learning goals. This training provides the “why” and the “how” for team facilitators and school leaders to ensure that the PLC process works better.

Alternative Education Administrator Learning Network

The Alternative Education Administrator Learning Network will meet four times a year to share research-based strategies for increasing student engagement, increasing rigor in the classroom, increasing focus on college/career preparation, and to discuss other key challenges that students in alternative education settings often experience. The network will incorporate strategies such as professional development opportunities on increasing FAFSA/Dream Act submissions, assisting with post-baccalaureate matriculation into college/educational institutions, and the integration of FAFSA/Dream Act completion into the school program. There will be a focus on sharing best practices by schools that have received Model Continuation School Awards. Opportunities to participate in “Walk to Lead” learning walks will be provided to network participants.

High School Principal Learning Network

The High School Principal Network is an ongoing network that consists of six schools from different districts. This network meets six times during the school year, with the goal being to share best practices, increase all metrics related to the eight State Priority areas, with an emphasis on college/career readiness. The principals will be encouraged to bring up to two key leaders on their campuses to the network meetings. Participating principals will also be engaged in learning walks on each other’s campuses. Goals include increasing the percentage of students applying to three or more colleges, increasing the percentage of FAFSA/Dream Act completions, and decreasing the amount of students needing remediation upon entering college. To increase college access, the network will incorporate strategies such as professional development opportunities for high school counselors on FAFSA/Dream Act preparation and completion.

Middle School Principals Collaborative

The Middle School Principal Learning Collaborative will be limited to six principals from Riverside County whose districts/site principals demonstrate a strong commitment to improving the high school readiness of 8th grade students. There will be four meetings during the year. The meetings will be specifically focused on improving high school readiness indicators that include increasing 8th grade GPA to 2.5 or better, ensuring daily attendance of 96% or better, eliminating D and F grades in math, and reducing suspensions. A commitment to sharing best practices, reviewing/discussing research specific to preparing 8th grade students for high school, using data to identify next steps, and participating in “Walk to Lead” learning walks are essential components of this network.

Middle School Principals Network

The Middle School Principal Network is open to middle school principals and meets two times a year. These network meetings provide the forum for middle school administrators to meet with other like-minded principals from around the county and form meaningful professional relationships. At the network meetings, participants will receive updates pertaining to new legislation/policy updates relating to middle schools; hear about county-wide initiatives specific to middle schools; and learn new approaches/strategies that are yielding powerful results at Riverside County middle school schools. Participants will be able to engage in collaborative conversations with other middle school principals and develop informal networks of support in which to exchange best practices and ideas.

New Principals Learning Network

The New Principal Network will meet five times during the year. This unique network will support both new principals as well as experienced principals interested in addressing strategies essential for success in the principal role. Participants will engage meet together to learn from each other, benefit from knowledgeable guest speakers, and leave each meeting with practical tips for leading efficiently, transparently and in a visionary – student-centered manner.