2015 Teacher Leader Certification Academy Graduates and ePortfolios

Debra A. Baadilla
Harvest Valley Elementary School, Romoland School District
The Journey to Becoming a Supportive Professional Learning Community

Professional learning communities (PLCs) tend to serve two broad purposes: (1) improving the skills and knowledge of educators through collaborative study, expertise exchange, and professional dialogue; and (2) improving the educational aspirations and achievement of students through stronger leadership and teaching. The Journey to Becoming a Supportive Professional Learning Community chronicles the detailed development of a site grade-level PLC working toward attaining these goals.

David Crissinger
Home Gardens Academy, Corona-Norco Unified School District
The Open Planbook

The Open Planbook is an online planbook shared by the classroom teacher and the resource specialist. Teachers collaborate to write plans, make amendments, differentiate instruction, seek clarification, and attach documents to support all learners. The Open Planbook allows the resource teacher to arrive in class prepared to help students learn.

Patricia A. Denton
Boulder Ridge Elementary School, Romoland School District
Foundations of Reading: Awareness and Support

Supporting struggling readers means providing comprehensive intervention in order for children to become readers. Teachers must learn the speech sounds, how they link to letters, and the scientifically research-based techniques and activities necessary for teaching foundational skills. Recognizing the difficulties some children have with the task is important in order to intervene effectively.

Meg E’amato
Corona Fundamental Intermediate School, Corona-Norco Unified School District
Five Days to Focused Cornell Notes

Five Days to Focused Cornell Notes is a series of five interactive videos that can be used at AVID schools to instruct ALL students in the important skill of note-taking.  The videos were created using the AVID 7th and 8th grade weeks-at-a-glance lesson plans.

Robin Grundmeyer
Norco High School, Corona-Norco Unified School District
End Hunger, Increase Learning

Hunger is the silent epidemic effecting school-aged children across the United States. The effects of childhood hunger on our educational system are many: decreased learning, childhood obesity, poor social skills…this list goes on.  It’s time that we start to address the problem and help our students succeed.  The solution: a food pantry for each of our schools.

Kristen Harris
Santiago High School, Corona-Norco Unified School District
AVID Saturday Intervention

The AVID Saturday Intervention targets at-risk AVID students at Santiago High School. Students attend the four-hour Saturday School Intervention program and receive tutoring and support in order to assist them in their core academic classes.

Patricia Harris
Santiago High School, Corona-Norco Unified School District
Creating a Collaborative Website

Creating a Collaborative Website developed an online work space for the Geometry/Integrated Math 2 Professional Learning Community (PLC) at Santiago High School.  To be effective, however, the PLC became more about the building of a team of professionals who could and would work together and share ideas, documents, and lessons openly and with respect.

Arronda Marie Hudson
Letha Raney Intermediate School, Corona-Norco Unified School District
The Impact of Community Service on Student Achievement

Students who participate in community service and meet the minimum program requirements demonstrate increased student achievement in the classroom.  Community service allows students to develop self-efficacy and increases critical thinking.  The freedom of choice involved in community service personalizes the learning experience creating relevance and improved higher order thinking.

Donna M. Lione
Temecula Valley High School, Temecula Valley Unified School District
Mindset, Motivation, & Mathematics – Is There an App for That?

Mindset, Motivation, & Mathematics seeks to influence educators to embrace a growth mindset approach to promote mathematics achievement for ALL students.  Instructional and common core strategies coupled with a strong foundation in number sense are at the forefront of this innovative teaching style for at-risk Algebra students.

Sosciety Lee Louden
Vista Murrieta High School, Murrieta Valley Unified School District
Academic Seminar Program Improvement

The Academic Seminar Program Improvement class supports students who need an  extra little push with instruction and not just another study hall. This project collected both qualitative and quantitative data throughout the year to determine whether student grades will increase when teachers deliver another dose of academic content skills instruction.

Kelly J. Reese
Innovation Centre Temecula, Julian Charter School
Collaborating and Communicating with Parents

Collaborating and Communicating with Parents provides parents with more resources and information about what is going on during the academic school day and home school days. Parents can access a website with resources and homeschool day projects, along with a monthly newsletter and email that describe what’s going on in their child’s specific grade level.

Jacqueline Surman
Murrieta Middle School Academy, Julian Charter School
Julian Charter School Academy Teacher Handbook

The Julian Charter School (JCS) Academy Teacher Handbook has been created to assist teachers with up-to-date policies and procedures unique to JCS.  Teachers will be able to quickly reference the manual to find answers to commonly asked questions when completing weekly assignments, monthly state-required paperwork, semester report cards, and more.

Jemi N. Thompson
Santiago High School, Corona-Norco Unified School District
CommUNITY – Expanding UNITY Beyond Our High School

CommUNITY is an effort to extend the reaches of UNITY beyond the high school and into our local community. This will be done by partnering with other schools to bring the UNITY values to other campuses. The website focuses our efforts with Home Gardens Academy.