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Support Documents for Protocol Videos

Assessment Survey

This survey (based on the Essential Program Components) is a user friendly way to take a look at your level of understanding of all systems that impact your site, students and district.  The information from this survey provides a clear picture of the depth of implementation of core curriculum, commitment to continuous improvement, understanding of performance expectations, capacity to meet these expectations, and the extent to which your accountability system provides viable feedback that drives instruction.

Barriers and Solutions Matrices

Both of these matrices provide you with the ability to translate areas that need improvement into focused solutions.  Using the information from the Assessment Survey, the Barrier Matrix helps you to place the areas that need improvement (1 or 2 on the level of understanding) into perspective and in the appropriate category of expectations or stakeholders.  Input for determining the priority implementing workable solutions can be solicited from those stakeholders who will be responsible for finding workable solutions.

Once this part of the process is complete, you then use the Solutions Matrix to begin structuring the changes and implementation timeline for these changes.  By listing all expectations, data that will be collected and analyzed, targeted instructional strategies, professional development that must take place and those responsible for executing, monitoring and evaluating, you set into motion the change processes and the accountability for implementation.